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ARTstor Tips: Home

Learn to use this great source of images.

Registering And Searching

Go to ARTstor, click where it says Register

At school, register using your school email and password (without special characters). Feel free to unclick the boxes so you don't get email from them.

Now you can use this same email and password from home for 120 days. This resets each time you log in at school.

Watch this video for help.

See the video below for help with Searching.


ARTstor Mobile

The mobile site allows users to search, browse, and view previously created image groups.

You can also view flashcards of your image groups, but the notes/captions are limited.

Use your ARTstor username and password to log in to the mobile site. 

Copyright and ARTStor

Excerpts from Permited and Prohibited Uses


If you export or download images or other content from the ARTstor Digital Library, you must use one of the designated export functions provided in the Library. You may only export or download content to a password-protected, access-restricted site.

Examples of prohibited uses

  • Posting content on an unrestricted website or in a publication made available on the web without access restrictions (such as posting an ARTstor image on a personal or course website that is not access-restricted, or posting a dissertation or other materials containing ARTstor content on a website that is not access-restricted)

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